New Year. New You. New Skin.



Hello Beautiful and Happy New Year!

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends and that you laughed so hard it hurt!  

January marks a fresh start. When making your resolutions for 2023, was wanting to be healthier, eating better, and taking care of our overall mental and physical health at the top of  your list? The main objective of these goals is to look and feel our best, right?

Proper skincare is also a goal for many. Skincare not only helps the look of your skin, it improves your self-esteem and it improves your overall confidence.

Having and keeping healthy skin was a goal I set for myself many years ago. It was a goal that lead me to my profession, believe it or not and it’s also a goal that I continue to work on and improve on each year.

I struggled with skin issues from an early age. My first break out, I can remember was in elementary school. I was teased for having "bumps" all over my forehead. To solve this, I cut myself some bangs one day and covered my forehead for the next few years! The struggle continued through high school.  

When I started university, I remember laying down at my first-ever facial visit with my mom, thinking, "I freakin' love this feeling of having these delicious smelling products being massaged into my skin."

From that day forward, skincare and nutrition is what came to my mind. I listened to my inner voice, and graduated from Family & Nutritional Sciences and then completed an advanced esthetics program. I have been a Licensed Esthetician for over 20+ years now.

Through the years, I have worked with several different product lines. Some I loved and some that were just meh. With each new product line, I found myself paying close attention to and reading the ingredient labels. I can assume, if you are reading this blog, you most likely also read labels. For me, it wasn’t just about reading the ingredient list, it was about understanding and caring about each ingredient. I wanted to know exactly what I was using on myself, as well as on my clients, friends and family. I found myself drawn to, and my skin much happier when using clean, natural, and safe products.

My career within the Natural Industry also started 20+ years ago. I continue to be attracted and drawn to natural, conscious, and effective skin care. The key word is effective.  Sure, you could be using a natural or organic product on your skin, that’s awesome, but is it effective? Is it doing what it says it will do? One of the main reasons that I started RINSEco was to offer simple, clean and smart formulations.

I admit it, I’m an ingredient snob. I know what I like and what is good for me and for my skin. All RINSEco products are made with 10 ingredients or less. We source only the highest quality botanical ingredients. Another big one for me is that, our products are not water based. This reason might seem confusing to some, but I will discuss why this is so important in our next blog so please hang tight!

If healthy skin and a healthier you were on your resolutions list for 2023, we welcome you to come check out and continue to follow RINSEco. We absolutely want you to feel beautiful in your skin. We want you to feel your deepest beauty because it allows you to share your true self with others. That's the kind of beauty we're after. Our products are intended to enhance the gorgeousness of the real you! They heal and repair, they sustain and nourish, they teach you to heed your own body's messages. Getting to that place is empowering. It is confident. And it is beautiful.

We thank you for your support and may 2023 be your skin's best year yet!


~ Janet

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