Our Story

 Hi! I’m Janet, founder of RINSEco.

I was 17 when my mom took me to the spa for my first-ever facial treatment. This experience was the spark that would, eventually, change everything.

I was hooked on skincare💕

But when I discovered that every liquid product in my cupboard contained preservatives, I was stunned.

That’s when I decided to make my own, starting with a cleanser.

Coming from a traditional Chinese heritage, I was raised with a philosophy of zero waste, and literally, everything is used for something. 

Take rice—this pantry staple is so much more than just food. It is a scrubber for dishes and laundry. You can even make spirits out of it. From misting the milky rice water on your hair and face to deep cleaning your pores with powdered rice, I began using this ancient grain as my main skincare tool. 

I soon discovered that adding Canadian glacial clay, a naturally-replenishing vitamin & mineral-rich treasure found exclusively along the West Coast of British Columbia, worked perfectly with the rice powder to exfoliate, hydrate, and revitalize my skin. 

At that moment, RINSEco was born. 

RINSEco’s powder cleansers are made in a controlled environment with strict quality standards, they come in four different varieties, and they’re kept in biodegradable packaging. 

We proudly offer 100% natural products that are never tested on animals, and all our ingredients, fruits, and botanicals are sustainably sourced from around the world. 

We live in a complex world, and when things get complicated, we need to get back to basics. 

RINSEco brings skincare back to basics, with simple, natural ingredients working together for an unbelievable result.

I’m so grateful to have found balance and harmony between the traditional cleansing and beauty routines of the east and west, that have endured for thousands of years—and to have created something entirely new as a result through RINSEco

This harmony is at the core of what we do here at RINSEco, and I can promise your skin will tell the same story. 

East meets west. 

Rice, clay, water. 

Mix, cleanse, rinse.